Friday, December 28, 2007

lyrics for 'Saucy Johnny'

oil, whip cream, hot wax, hot butter
a body suit made of latex rubber
whips and chains and a rhinestone collar
benwa balls that'll make you holler
a german shephard and a pair of sheep
verbal abuse that'll make you feel cheap
an old french tickler and a pair of handcuffs
a big hairy clown who likes it rough
oh mommy, oh daddy, oh sister, oh brother
oh yes sir granny, may I have another
now roll on the floor and lick my shoes
and get ready for some cold ice cubes
with a champagne bottle and a golden shower
and spankings hard every other hour
ropes to tie you up real tight
from head to toe
can we start tonight?

listen and download here:

The Saucy Johnny Dare

The Saucy Johnny Dare

Maggi, Pierce And E.J. have toured the U.S. and Europe/U.K. for the past decade playing original music for enthusiastic listeners. You can find out more about them and their music at and

The song Saucy Johnny was written and performed by Maggi, Pierce And E.J. This song has been a big hit with audiences near and far. It has excited fans off their barstools, onto the dance floor and sometimes, out of their clothes. It turned a shy tubist into a psycho-ginger stripping machine for 2 years on the road. It has caused mothers to hold their children's ears and men to rub oil on each other's bare chests. What will it do next? We can only imagine... and we want to do more than just imagine. So, the Saucy Johnny Dare is this. The lyrics are posted, the song is available for free download. We were thinking of some kind of drawing/painting/cartoon extravaganza, but it could also be a theatrical performance, a video...whatever road the lyrics send your mind down, that is the road we want to see. We dare you!

listen here: