Friday, December 28, 2007

lyrics for 'Saucy Johnny'

oil, whip cream, hot wax, hot butter
a body suit made of latex rubber
whips and chains and a rhinestone collar
benwa balls that'll make you holler
a german shephard and a pair of sheep
verbal abuse that'll make you feel cheap
an old french tickler and a pair of handcuffs
a big hairy clown who likes it rough
oh mommy, oh daddy, oh sister, oh brother
oh yes sir granny, may I have another
now roll on the floor and lick my shoes
and get ready for some cold ice cubes
with a champagne bottle and a golden shower
and spankings hard every other hour
ropes to tie you up real tight
from head to toe
can we start tonight?

listen and download here:


St. Louis Steve said...

hello MPE,
happy holidaze!

it worked for me and my Eileenie Weenie!

Yes* we started tonite
while making a pot of Velveeta Cheese in the kitchen to the Saucy Johnny song.

nothing like doing it on the floor!
think we got a flip side to this 45 record if you need one call it "Velveeta Eileena" or such...

and for what it's worth here's some more of your lyrics forgotten to be included:

leading into your tune

(vocal tune up) La figuro, figuro figuro…..

Johnny’s girl says he’s really cooking in the kitchen,
but when it comes to loving there’s a couple spices missing
so Johnny would play and came back with a smile
took his girl by the hand said check out my new style

hey babe, wanna boogie – boogie woogie with me

thanks so much for this new free tune! IOU when you come back to da Lou.

all of my love to M> P> & EJ,
Mr. Moon / aka StL Steve

J said...

I have been wanting this song ever since you sang it to my mom at our wedding. So happy. xoxoxxx

lisa said...

Oh Emp People- missin' y'all here in San Fran. Sooo glad to have a refresher to download- You know, I never realized you wrote this, but now knowing, it doesn't surprise me1 . I might have to challenge some friends to join me, and take out the video camera-

Happy new year all the MPE-fam-
Lisa (maine, Chicago, Ithaca, Amazon, San Frran)